By now you have realized that having an Android phone is great. And you’ve installed all your wonderful apps and played with it to death. But you’ve probably already realized that if you lost your phone, or sent it away for repair, you will likely lose all your nice new shiny apps.

In my experience, the whole log back in to the Android market and your apps are there hasn’t really been the case. In one case, leaving me to re-buy my favourite app, Feedr.

Well a great guy called Joel Bourquard created Titanium Backup.

It works really well and simple. Not only does it backup your apps, it backs up the data associated with the app AND the market entry details. What does all this mean?

Backup of Apps

Simple, it scans through all your install apps and you can either click on each app to have it backed up or use menu > batch to back up all the apps in one go.


Backup of Data

When you need to restore the app, any settings or data associated with the app will be there if you use this option.

Backup of Market Entry

Now when you do restore everything, it will also re-write to market entry into your phone so when you visit the market and go to my downloads, all of your paid and installed apps show up again. This is so important. Otherwise you don’t get update alerts from Android Market.

Free and Paid Versions

There is a free version in the market that gives you most of the functions. However I strongly recommend the paid version. When you head to the market to find Titanium Backup you will only see the free version. You need to donate as per the app instructions to get a permanent key file.

The paid for version gives you a much faster experience and better restore options. And he deserves the small asking price of $5.99 for a great piece of software, especially when you consider what all you paid apps are worth.

Other Features

FILTER – You can quickly and easily filter your apps by name or status. And it integrates with Apps Organiser so you can also filter by labels. This makes managing the apps simple and quick

Zero-click install/uninstall

Just to make life more simple and that’s always a good thing when it comes to managing your apps.

Important Information

This is only for ROOTED Androids. If you haven’t rooted yours yet, here is a guide that will get you on the way.

Support Sunday: How To Root Your New HTC Hero Safely And Why You Want To

Also, Joel is very responsive and helpful, so shoot him an email if you have any troubles. His address is in the app.

Are you using anything similar? Let us know in the comments.


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11 Responses to “The Most Essential App For Android – Titanium Backup”

  1. Need to download that!

  2. what phone are you using?

  3. oh cool.. me too… obviously

  4. Simon says:

    This only works on rooted phones. How can it be an essential app? Are you saying risking bricking your phone, invalidating the warranty, and installing an old hacked linux kernel is essential? Also, when you install it, it asks to download busybox, some kind of linux toolkit. When you remove the app, as you have to when you realize it doesn’t work with a non hacked phone, it doesn’t seem to remove busybox from memory.

    • “Are you saying risking bricking your phone, invalidating the warranty, and installing an old hacked linux kernel is essential? “

      Hmmm… ah yes I am.. if you’ve followed anything on this blog you would see that. By the way… no one is holding a gun to your head.. this blog is more for people who enjoy using the phone they paid for the way they want…

  5. Can I use it to uninstall apps that came with my phone? I gotta x10 mini pro and it came with a lot os trash on it.


    • Yes you can use it to uninstall apps and I don’t get why they have to load or phones up with crappy apps that we’re never going to use… Microsoft does the same stuff with their mobile OS and of course Windows too.

  6. I would not recommend that app AT ALL! It messed up my phone to the point where it’s unusable and no easy way to fix it (other than reloading original firmware). I used it to uninstall Google Talk (made a backup first) and now Market doesn’t work. Of course I tried to restore it from the backup only to find out that it only backed up the settings (if that) but not the actual app. So now I am screwed.

    Thanks for nothing!


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